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An original work of art in my home... 

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There are many differences between a commissioned or commercial image made to be printed in large quantities, and a fine art picture, which is above all a personal expression of an artist.

Furthermore, a fine art print requires higher standards in its making. Quality and durability are paramount, and require a very high level of craftsmanship. This essential task is given to master craftsmen Maud and David, who run the fine art workshop Le Bolabo in Bordeaux, France.

Images are printed by giclée technology, with pigment inks able to stand time and UV. Color stability is guaranteed over several decades ! The medium are luxury 310g acid free cotton based papers from the finest brands like Canson or Hahnemühle. Conservation of the artwork is therefore guaranteed.

Each print is made by hand, with passion and fine craftsmanship at the Bordeaux workshop. limited edition


The value of an artwork doesn't rely only on its artistic side, or subjective judgement, but also on it's rarity.

This is essential for some collectors.

Each image will be printed in 18 copies only, as follows :

  • L : 9 copies
  • XL : 5 copies
  • Premium : 3 copies + 1 artist proof, not for sale.

The total of 18 copies is final, and once they are sold out, no additional copies will ever be made !

L and XL prints come with a white margin, to facilitate  framing. No white margins on Premium prints.

Left illustration gives you an average idea of different scales. Sizes are not contractual, and given as an indication only. Height/lenght ratio can vary from one image to another. Therefore, precise dimensions are given in the pop up menu of each image, when you choose a print size .

Ultimate option : Premium framing

Premium Situation
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Some demanding art lovers wish to have nothing but the best. However, they do not have time or they don't want to bother in finding a frame maker. They just wish a great finished art piece ready to hang on their wall.

Size matters

Premium frame is above all a larger and imposing size. More than an image, it is a genuine decorative piece suited to create a mood on large walls and spaces.

Nothing but the best

First, the print is mounted on a Dibond® plate right at the workshop, to ensure a perfect flatness with no bubble or ripple.

Then the image is given to a master frame maker who creates a custom frame. It is a wooden floating frame with a sober and lavish black satin finish.

On the visible face, the artwork is protected with museum glass* almost invisible, with special anti-reflective coating filtering also UV rays to avoid any discoloration. 

These prints are made on order only, and their size can sometimes be adjusted to your specifications.

*Museum glass is widely used by major museums and art galeries for its unique characteristics.

For who ?

  • A private art lover or a collector,
  • an interior design shop owner who wants to offer rare artworks to his demanding customers,
  • A company, a restaurant, an hotel, a bar-lounge where public spaces need to be enhanced with artworks.

My fine art print delivered at home

Tube Postal

Allow an average of 5 business days after payment to print and ship your order (except for Premium prints). In each shipment you'll find the print hand signed and numbered, protected between two sheets of acid free tissue, and a certificate of authenticity. The whole is rolled up in a very strong heavy duty cardboard tube, and shipped with tracking.

The tracking number will be sent by email as soon as the shipment is done. Shipping costs are included for mainland France. For all other countries, they are automatically added in your cart upon checking out.

Secure payment system

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All payments are done by widely used safe system Paypal : Your credit card details are never given to us  : Paypal charges your card and transfer the amount to our account .

How do I select my fine art print ?

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In the galleries, images that are for sale are bearing a small euro (€) symbol on which you can click.

A popup menu is then displayed and allows you to select the size, and to add the item to your cart.

Accepted curency : Euros only.